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Want your business to get noticed in a noisy world? I help make that happen.

My strength is identifying the “So what?” and “Who cares?” about you and your business.

I’ll craft messages and execute a precise program that will get you noticed.

Strategic Messaging

Be aware of building awareness. Your messaging communicates who you are and where you stand in the marketplace. Elaine helps define (or refine) your messages’ overall positioning and ensures that they remain clear, consistent, and concentrated as the buzz grows.

Media Relations & Social Engagement

Influence the influencers. With connections in every arena, chances are that Elaine has contacts in the heart of your specific industry. The result is that your buzz goes straight out to the journalists, spokespersons, and new media professionals that matter most to your brand. She leverages traditional media relations services with cutting-edge social media avenues to get the news to the most relevant journalist in the most appropriate way (which changes all the time!)

Press Releases & Pitches

Write a note that gets noticed. By identifying the most compelling concepts about a product, service, or event in a matter of minutes, Elaine turns small details into big deals…and lots of buzz. Concise, informative news releases are carefully crafted to break through the “so what?” wasteland.

My strength is identifying the “So what?” and “Who cares?” about you and your business.
I’ll craft messages and execute a precise program that will get you noticed.

Empowered Public Relations—the PR firm I founded 12 years ago—has this motto, “If you don’t hear the buzz, you’re probably not plugged in.” By that I mean “plugged into the media”.

I offer clients different ways to engage:

Each of these arrangements is designed to remain sensitive to a client’s financial requirements, and to give the company a great deal of flexibility in definitively moving forward with value-added marketing and communications activities that maintain important industry exposure and credibility—all while generating solid, meaningful results that contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Contact me for more information on upcoming workshops and consulting availability.

100+ Satisfied Customers

“I just wanted to take a moment to recommend Elaine without reservation! Speak to her for just a little while and you’ll quickly sense that she KNOWS PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA! I’ve heard many people in the short time I’ve known Elaine speak very highly of her. These people are all business owners and carry a high amount of respect in their specific arenas. Bottom line, hire Elaine and her firm… you’ll be happy you did! ”

Brian Allen

CEO, Expert 5, LLC

“Elaine is an awesome Public Relations professional. I worked with Elaine at a time when we were releasing multiple new products every quarter while rapidly growing our market share. Much of that success can be attributed directly to Elaine and the team she managed. Her press relationships and industry knowledge combined allowed SimpleTech to get our products into the hands of some of the most influential analysts and technical journalists from all over the world. I confidently recommend Empowered PR to represent any organization of any size.”

Charles Hayes

Marketing Manager, SimpleTech

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