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Why Empowered public relations?

So many PR, Advertising and creative agencies are named after the founders with little to no creativity. Ironic, since we pride ourselves on offering creative thinking and unique strategies in the work we do for our partners and clients. I wanted something more distinctive, memorable, and creative, but I also wanted it to be a company name that meant something to me and represented the work we do.

The very definition of the word empower is:
verb (transitive)
1. to give or delegate power or authority to; authorize
2. to give ability to; enable or permit

We give power to our clients by developing relationships with the media and graphics, like wall graphics, that get them noticed. And clients empower us by the work we do as an extension of the company’s communications/ marketing departments.

I like that empowered starts with my initials (EM for Elaine Marshall) and that as the founder and managing director, I lead the activities of the firm. It’s a play on words, EM – powered which led to the company being named Empowered PR.

What do you think of the story behind the name?