My client, Dr. Casey Cooper is a world-renowned sports psychologist who seeks to understand the impact that sports have on athletes and their families, as well as the way that psychological factors impact physical performance. In a conversation with her, she brought to my attention the high rate of teen suicide amidst the pressure to be perfect.

I heard David Whiting was writing a major feature for the Orange County Register about teen suicide, so I connected Dr. Cooper with Whiting. There was an immediate chemistry to work together and it was clear that the two were a perfect fit.

Whiting’s story, titled “New pressures for perfect contribute to rise in teen suicide” was published in three parts, the first part on March 16, 2018. This delicate and important three-part story features Dr. Cooper as an expert and go-to professional on this subject.

According to these business efficiency tips, media hits are the most helpful to a business or organization when the stories in the media line up with the branding of the company. For example, Dr. Cooper is a sports psychologist who worked with the one of the students the OC Register story follows. She is an expert in this field and since Whiting’s story positioned her that way, as well, the media hit was successful for Dr. Cooper.

When deciding which media outlets make the most sense for clients, it’s important to make sure the client’s messaging lines up with the story. I love being able to match my clients with media outlets in a perfect fit. Whiting’s story was extremely meaningful and beneficial to both Dr. Cooper and the Orange County Register.

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Elaine Marshall, president of Empowered PR, brings more than 25 years of experience to her business. She works with companies to craft messaging and provide them with media coverage that aligns perfectly with their branding. Elaine’s placement record includes The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Forbes and more. She has propelled stories of Apple, Texas Instruments, FedEx, Toshiba, Viking Technology and more into the media.