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You know what I’m talking about – you are at a conference and right about the time you start to need an afternoon snack, your phone decides it needs a power boost as well and the battery starts rapidly declining, if you are dealing with energy shortages.
Here are a few items/tips that I’ve found helpful when dealing with a dying phone battery.

Mophie External Battery

Mophie Powerstation External Battery: This charger is about the size of an average phone. Charge it before you leave home and use either end to charge a phone or laptop without needing a power supply when you are away from your office or home – or your home office.

Turn your phone to “airplane mode”: If your phone is quickly losing power, go to “Settings” and turn on “Airplane Mode”. This is the setting that should be used when you fly and it’s also a good tip for closing programs and not allowing calls or texts until you can get to your charger source. If your battery is low and you have an external charger, turning on Airplane Mode will charge your phone faster (I find it charges about twice as fast with it on). Remember that won’t be able to receive texts or phone calls when it is on so if you need to be accessible, use this mode for an emergency quick start of the battery and then turn the feature off and continue charging.

When working remotely, remember to bring your charger with you and put an address label on each charger and please, don’t forget about the importance of having a good wireless connection, you need to be able to receive phone calls and handle work emergencies on the go, visit https://www.raise.com/coupons/cricket-wireless to get the best solutions.

This seems so basic but its something many people forget to do. Have a packing list for all electronic items that you need to take with you while traveling or working outside of your office. Using a laptop? Remember to bring the charger as public areas such as coffee shops and libraries often have strained Wi-Fi that can eat up your battery. When consider using different devices in your business communication department, check out this 8×8 business phones.